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Diesel three-phase power plants, diesel TESSARI generators from Italy
  • Diesel three-phase power plants, diesel TESSARI generators from Italy

Diesel three-phase power plants, diesel TESSARI generators from Italy

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For use as the main or reserve source of the electric power of Energosistemy-Ludzher carries out design, delivery, installation, commissioning, service of three-phase Italian diesel power plants, TESSARIEnergia diesel generators.

Researches and developments of TESSARI Energia since 1950 allow to reach outstanding resource and operational parameters of the made diesel power plants, including optimum construct, effective use of fuel, resistance to overloads, low vibrations of the engine and low noise level, flexible management and remote monitoring, no-failure operation of diesel power plant.

Quality - guarantee of reliability and durability of diesel power plants (diesel generators) of TESSARI

Diesel power plants of TESSARI are made only in Italy on the basis of engines of leaders world proizvoditeleyoriginalny assembly - Iveco (Italy), Volvo Penta (Sweden), Perkins (Great Britain), MAN (Germany), Deutz (Germany), MTU (Germany), Cummins (USA).

All diesel generators and diesel power plants of TESSARI have Italian synchronous besshchetochny unattended generatorymarelli or Mecc Alte differing in high quality of the electric power capable to transfer instant overloads.

Important advantage is unpretentiousness dizelny power plants of TESSARI (the diesel - generators) in operation, fitness to fuels and lubricants of a domestic production.

The control system of diesel power plants (diesel generators) of production of Italy with liquid crystal displeemzapuskat diesel power plant at receipt of a signal of lack of tension of a network or a remote signal. Provides indication of all main characteristics of diesel power plant, such as operating modes, alarms, tension of a network and the generator, start attempt, hours of an operating time, oil pressure, level of cooling liquid and fuel, etc. The system checks work of diesel power plant and generates the warning signals. On renewal of a network, the diesel power plant will stop. The system of automatic control to carry out the automatic test of diesel power plant (diesel generator) TESSARI.

Diesel power plants, the diesel - TESSARI generators are made in open execution for internal installation, in a noise-attenuating all-weather casing (external installation), in containers, on wheels and trailers platforms for transportation.

The producer provides strict quality control of diesel power plants (the diesel - generators) at all stages of production, all diesel power plants are exposed to careful testing under the most severe conditions of operation, have 2 years of a guarantee.

Application and operation of diesel power plants of TESSARI

Diesel power plants or Tessari diesel generators have a wide model range from 15 to 3 000 kW of single power and are suitable for operation in any conditions, as as the basic, and the reserve power supply in all fields of activity such as the industry, plants and factories, server premises and data-processing centers of DPC, mobile communication, laboratories, medicine, infrastructure, commerce, agriculture, private houses and others. Diesel power plants (diesel generators) conform to the European and Ukrainian standards. Service 24 hours 7 days a week across all territory of Ukraine is provided.

For selection of diesel power plant of TESSARI, design, delivery, installation, service of diesel power plants, diesel generators address the official distributor of TESSARI Energia in the territory of Ukraine - Energosistemy-Ludzher.

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